Friday, August 27, 2010

Childrens Art Smock

Art smocks are on the school supply list this year.  One of my co worker's daughter is a total mini diva and refused to wear "that" art smock she saw in the store.  The mom is very smart and asked me make her daughter one.  She request black, red, and blue with some bling.  She ordered, I delivered.  It turned out to be super cute!  I didn't even have to use a pattern!! I am awesome! (Sorry, had to toot my own horn for a moment.)

Isn't she the cutest kid ever!
(The original neck strap didn't fit over her head!! LOL  
Her Mom had to add some blue ribbon to make it longer.)


Cassie said...

It's adorable!
You did a great job!!

Life in Rehab said...

Yes, yes you ARE awesome! That's too cute, and without a pattern? Amazing!

Megan said...

Toot away cause that's just stinking cute!

Diane said...

Toooo cute and she looks like she is so proud of her apron Ü

LG said...

so cute! LOVE IT

Jami said...

You are awesome! Very cute smock!

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