Friday, April 30, 2010


Check out Stephanie's Terrariums!!  I would love to make one of these for the back porch!  The gnomesis really stinkin' cute.  Under the Table and Dreaming has tons of great ideas! My bed was one of her features this week and the winner!!  Go check it out!

No crafting tonight. But that is okay! The roomie moves out tomorrow so I will be helping him get his stuff together and I am going to purchase new towels for the guest bathroom!! Ahhh! I am soo stoked about having nice new towels that all match!  Thank goodness Kohl's has them 1/2 price!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ceiling Tile Bulletin Board

I think this is one of the most easiest projects that I have ever done! And really fast too!  I made it all while watching Survivor!!   I {heart} that show!  However, I had to run outside a few times during the commercial breaks. Check it out!
Here's the breakdown:
1 ceiling tile $3
1/2 yd fabric $3
1 boa (w/coupon) $4
Jazzy flowers, scrap fabric & embellishments that you probably already have $0

For a total of $10 you have a super snazzy board for your craft room or your favorite little girl!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Projects

I wasn't able to get much crafting in today because I had to do yard work.  Uggghhh! Of course, King is out of town and it becomes my job since I am too cheap to hire someone.  LOL  I was able to get some sewing done, I just hemmed some jeans and took in some shirts for a better fit.  No pics for that stuff, cause it wouldn't be an exciting picture to look at.  Here is some stuff that I did get a chance to fit in.
Got a pretty good project coming up tomorrow.  I haven't seen any on the blogs, so I am stoked to post mine!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Baby Burp Rags and Bibs

I had another order to fill for more burp rags and bibs.  I just can't get over how cute and easy these are to make!!  They would look cute in a gift basket with the theme.  Hope they inspire you to get busy on sewing some projects!!  I mixed and matched various fabrics; I try to use about 3-5 different fabrics to give a little variety. 

BWS tips button

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Headboard Finished

I was able to start and finsih the headboard on Saturday.  I am very excited about how it turned out.  Exactly the way I expected it to!

Shanty 2 Chic has some great projects using the RL glaze.
I love the sanded and then stained look!!  I could've gone with out it, 
but I wanted just a little extra dimension to the head board.
 Ginger watches as I paint.
So for about $45 I got a new headboard & footboard with frame! Not bad, considering a new frame alone is $45 and used metal bedframes are $20 on CL. Ahhh I can't wait to put this in the guest bedroom!!  It is going to look so fabulous!!  I won't be able to do a room reveal for another two weekends.  The roomie moves out this weekend and then my mom is bringing me a mattress and boxframe the following weekend.  Which gives me even more time to craft up more things!!  I leave with a depressing but funny picture of Pearl.  (Depressing because I wish my yard didn't look like this!! LOL)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where I Create

I decided to replace a few of the decorations in my craft room, NOT that it was bad.  Mainly what I wanted to was replace my ribbon holder and clear off my work surface.  My counter top/work surface is L shaped and sometimes I have two projects going on at once; I need as much "working" space as possible. Also, I can't stop buying ribbon!!!  You can never have enough.  Here it is.

Keeping your craft room clean and neat is essential.  At least, for me it is. For some reason my mind will not work if I am in a messy area.  I have found that if I keep things labeled with cute tags, it makes me want to keep my room neat and clean.  I know it doesn't look like I have a lot of supplies, but that is because I don't.  I clean out my craft closet, supply baskets and ect twice a year.  Come on- you know you're never going to use some of that cheesy stuff that was on clearance.  LOL  Also, I try real hard not to buy tools that I am not going to need.  Especially since I have the Cricut, it does so much!!

I am really greatful that I am able to have a whole room dedicated to my crazy craftyness.  I remember my Mom always laying out her fabric on the kitchen floor to cut out a pattern and sewing at the dining room table.  She never had her own space, however, you should see her room now!! She doesn't have any kids at home so her room is constantly having a project or two or more like FIVE. Going to paint the bed this weekend and do a little sewing.  I leave you with the two pictures of my bullies that are hanging in my craft room.  Yes, they are Photoshop'd.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Digital Photo: Thank You

One of my co workers asked me to create a thank you photo for her daughter who recently had a birthday.  Of course, I said yes!! Especially since I am practicing on my digital skills with Photoshop Elements! It turned out very well.  The best part is, I really didn't spend that much time on it and it still looks good!!

I probably won't post tomorrow cause my scrap room is getting a mini makeover and some re organization, so I will be up to my eyeballs in supplies.  I'll reveal one day this week! Stoked about the weekend- going to paint the bed frame!!

Check Out These Ideas!!

I am not sure what these cone things are called but I really like them!! I finally found one at Micheal's for 50% off, and added some flowers from HL that where also 50% off.  A nice wall decoration for around $15!!  It really adds a nice touch to our master bedroom without being too girly for King.

I don't have my own project to share with you today, but I wanted to share some of these great ideas that I have come across! Maybe give you some inspiration to get a little crafty!!

I am soooo going to have to make one of these!! This is a great idea!!
Get the full tutuorial over at Not Just Paper and Glue.

This is for you Mrs. Rooster!! Mrs. Rooster has an upcoming baby shower in the works!
Check out the tutorial over at Craft Envy

Oh how I wish I had a little girl, wait .. . did I just type those words?! I think they did!! LOL  I only think I want children when I see stuff like this.  Okay moms, I know what your thinking, you don't have time to make this! Two words that moms should live by: effective and efficient.  With that being said, you should get all the stuff together to make one for your own daughter, and then make 2-3 more for bithday gifts that you can keep on hand.  No more fretting about going out to buy a gift, you daughter can help, and I bet this project only costs about $10-12 to make!  Check it out over at It's Greener Over Here!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally Finished! Three Projects!

I am finally finished with the three projects that I started this week.  And on to the next ones  . . . 

1) My three mini topiary trees are finally finished! I love this moss stuff! It is really fabulous! I think it is called "reindeer moss"?  I had exactly enough from one bag to make all the topiary trees and just enough to add a little into the pot.  I like how they turned out too! They look fabulous on my windowsill; natural and sleek looking with out too much clutter.

I started with three regular clay pots that I spray painted with two different colors.
Two styrofoam balls, reindeer moss, and a block of floral foam.  I covered two of the balls with moss and I cut part of the floral foam for a square topiary, put the rest in the pots.  Hot glue was used to adhere the moss to the styrofoam.  It is a little time consuming but watch your favorite TV show while your are making these.  This project costs about $12 to make! I've seen these topiary trees in the store for alot more.  It was worth it!
Should I add a natural looking bow out of jute or raffia? Or should words be added to the pots? Are they looking a little bare? Or is that the whole point, nice and sleek?  I am going to think on it for a few days.

2) Mrs. Rooster is doing a redo on her office and needed a little "Haley" for inspiration! Of course, I totally wanted to make her something to get her inspired on her new color scheme.  I've made some of these before but I don't have any pictures of them.
I painted a canvas dollar store picture; only the edges because the middle will be covered with paper.
Layered paper and some stickers that match are glued to the canvas.  Before adding any ribbon or anything textured, a coat of clear acrylic was added.
Stickers, embellishments, trims, ribbons and rhinestones where all added within the same color scheme to create a custom collage for Mrs. Rooster.  Everyone loves their name and loves to have things that represent their name.  I hope she likes it!  For a more personal touch, pictures of friends and family could be added.

3) I need a new paper box for my 8.5" x 11" plain card stock.  I couldn't seem to find just the "right" container.  The current paper box that was being use was only "okay"  It wasn't fabulous like the rest of the stuff in my craft room.  
I am walking through Big Lots the other day and I spot this paper holder for only $5!! (Actually, I think it was supposed to be used for files and home office storage.) I really hated painting it because I LOOOVVEEE this color of robins egg blue/Martha Stewart blue.  But black spray paint had to be applied. (Okay, I didn't realize this picture was so blurry until I uploaded it.  Sorry friends!)
I didn't want to put the word "paper" on the box cause that would be boring.  Then I realized that I do not have anything in the scrap room with my name on it.  So my name it is, "Haley"  $2 chipboard letters from Big Lots, a flower embelishment and a super diva feather boa thing where added to jazz this box up!  I think it turned out pretty good.  A $5 paper holder turned fabulous!
It holds all of my cardstock perfectly!  

DIY tip: I added those little felt circles to the bottom of this box since I like to slide it around on the table top instead of picking it up. 

 On to projects for the rest of the week! Congrats to Mr & Mrs H who just got married this weekend!!  A beautiful spring wedding at the gardens of Avalon.

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