Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pink Dog

Today is finally Friday!! Yay!!! I am stoked about this weekend.  We have two birthday parties to attend to.  One here for Mrs. Rooster's dauther and one in B Town for King's cousin.  So I have decided to blog about this cute little pink dog that is in the picture above.  I just love him, he sits in my craft room and sometimes I use him for a pin cushion whenever I have big sewing project going on.  But most of the time he just sits up on the shelf as decoration.  I find odd that I call this pink dog a "he" . .  .  he doesn't have a name.  However, as most of you have probabably noticed, this is the pink dog that has come from Vicki's.  Hmmm  . . . a ladies lingerie store that sells pink stuffed dogs?! That doesn't seem sexy to me! I have become sooooo disappointed with VS over the years.  Vicky has totally gotten off task!! Over the past five years, everytime I walk into VS I am like "Great! Same 'ol shit!"  So here I am wanting to buy "sexy" lingerie/nightgowns for King, and all I see are cotton or velour PJ's with something written on the butt of the pants.  I have just become disappointed in the "non sexy" items that they are selling and I don't think women of any age need to be wearing pants that say "sexy" or "hottie" on the butt! (Especially in public!)  For example, I walk into VS over the Christmas holidays to get some PJ's for my mom (yes, from my Dad).  They didn't have anything!!!  Of course, my mom is in her late forties and likes classy looking clothes- rather thier lounge clothes or not.  And non of that velour crap.  Needless to say, I walked out of VS with nothing.  I ended up going to Dillards.  VS has built a good reputation for what they are selling but I feel like they are getting off tasks.  Where are the outfits that the run way models are wearing. .  . I didn't see any sequined corset in the store!  I understand that appealing to the teenagers is probably party of thier marketing tactic but I think if they want to do this, then they should open up a different store.  Maybe call it Victoria's Lounge.  LOL  All I am saying is- If a man wanted to buy a sexy something last minute for his wife to wear, he should be able to walk in to VS and walk out, hassle free.  With out feeling like a weirdo due to the fact that there are adolescents shopping next to him.

Of course, this is just my opinion and know that there are probably others out there who don't agree.  However, I am stoked that VS did make the pink dog, he does look dashing on my shelf!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cupcake Toppers!

I just wanted to share these super fabulous cupcake toppers that I made for Mrs. D's bridal shower.  On each cupcake topper there are words that describe the soon to be bride and groom.  Some of the groom's words were : "hunter" "savage" "deer slayer" Some of the bride's words were "creative" "scrapper" "photographer"  It is fun to do these if you have a couple who has alot of hobbies, then you can get real creative on the words.  I simply printed those words on cardstock and used my circle punch to cut them out.  Then, I mounted the cirlces onto scalloped circles that I cut out with the Cricut.  Use some hot glue to add a toothpick to the back so you can stick the toothpick into the cupcake.

I made these cupcake toppers for my friend's daughter's birthday.  Her daughter is going to love them (I'm sure all of her friends will like them too!).  This friend, I'll call her "Mrs. Rooser", is my newest friend that I have introduced into the crafting world. Over the past few months it has been so much fun getting together with Mrs. Rooster being "craftsters! "  or "craft nerds" It is really great to be able to craft with someone who is actually creative and has cool ideas too! 

Check out her oversized tag invitations that she created for the birthday party.  I thought they turned out pretty snazzy! Especially for a nine year old birthday party!  Rooster is getting crazy for the birthday party- the girls are making bracelets.  She purchased a giant kit with beads and all the accessories for each girl to be able to make a bracelet to take home.  Thank goodness King is going over to Mrs. Rooster's to be with her husband on birthday party night.  I think there will be too much estrogen flying around for Mr. Rooster to be alone. 

Above are the cirlces that I had added to the baby shower invitations.  It is the same concept as the circles that I made for the cupcake toppers.  I made some circles that said "Queen of Everything" with a crown.  Or you can even print the words "Thank You" "Thanks A Bunch" I like to be able to create my own words and use the cirle punch to cut them out because I am able to customize the words and mass produce them.  I have fallen in live with these new circle scallop cut outs, especially for cards!! Mrs. Rooster even made some mini cards with this idea!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost Forgot Mrs. D

I almost forgot to share this in the previous post .  . . . Mrs. D is super crafty and always coming up with super creative things.  Since I am a crafter I understand the creativity and time that it takes to make something for someone.  When Mrs. D asked me to be her MOH, she made me this super snazzy mini lunch sack book.  Isn't it just so cute!  There where pics of her and I in it and on each page there where a few words saying "Will you be my maid of honor?" What a great way to ask someone to be in your wedding!  I thought it was a super nice gift and it is one of the only handmade gifts that sit in my craft room.

 To make this item, you just take about 3 or more lunch sacks (they come in all sizes and colors), fold them in half and BAM! you have a book.  Since one end of the lunch sack is open, you are able to make inserts for the book.  On the binding you can add those binder clips that come in all sizes and colors.  Add some ribbon for some cute-ness.

Almost Mrs. Dreibelbis

OMG! Imagine the last name "DREIBELBIS" . . . . no offense "soon to be Mrs. D".   Thank goodness Almost Mrs. D isn't a school teacher cause the name goes against the "I before E, except after C" rule.  And I don't think the kids would be able to spell it.  Well we are about thirty days out from her wedding and sh*t is starting to hit the fan!! Decisions need to be and they need to be now! So of course, Mrs. D is totally freaking out, which is typical of all brides.  However, out of all the weddings I've been in, I think Mrs. D will be able to handle everything well.   My five closests girlfriends have gotten married over the past three years, and have been MOH in all of them.  I truly feel honored and I am so lucky to be chosen MOH that many times (and I've been MOH other weddings too just not my closests friends).  However, this kinda sucks for me, who am I supposed to pick?! I think I am going to have to have King draw straws on this one.  They are all my favorite friends and each one of them has their special qualities.  Guess I need to get engaged before I start thinking about choosing a MOH, at least King has a default, he has a brother that he can choose for his BM.

The bachelorette party for Mrs. D is coming up and I am soooo stoked about it.  We had originally wanted to go to Vegas, but it just didn't happen.  Which is totally okay.  We have decided on the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I feel kinda manly going there as all women, but I really don't care, it definitly suits Mrs. D's style.  We are definitly not wine and cheese people . ..   so I think the Stockyards will be what we are looking for.  Besides, I have never been (and I've been living in Texas my whole life!! Never even seen the Alamo.)  Looking forward to the shopping!  Check out the super snazzy invitations that I made.  On the back I printed the schedule of events.  I thought they were cute. I'm into the long and skinny look of invitations, for some reason or another.

Also, the last week when I whipped up these invitations, a co-worker asked me to make baby shower invitations for her daughter.  So not only did I just make 20 bachelorette party invites, I ended up making SIXTY baby shower invites! Although, since King went back to El Paso to work, I was able to get this done.  I love the baby stuff!! Almost makes me want to have one. Yeah right! I like the "idea" of babies.  LOL  I am totally jazzed that the first of my five closests girlfriends is PREGO! Mrs. Pustjovsky (that is almost as bad as Dreibelbis! and there is a Mrs. Pfiester and Mrs. Schmitt!! I feel sorry for thier kids!  Imagine spelling those names in cursive when you're about eight!  

I leave you with pictures of the snow!! Oh how I was excited to have snow in Texas!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Floral Arrangements

All of my pictures are kinda helter skelter right now and unorganzied.  I wasn't able to take any pics of what I did this weekend because the memory card for my camera was at work.  So I will introduce to the two floral arrangements that sit on our table. . . I had been spotting this vase at Hobby Lobby for a few months, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchasing it, until I found it on the clearance! I like this vase for two reasons, 1) it is tall but not too tall 2) it is substancial enought to hold alot of floral stems, which is what I was going for, a big statement.  I had to put some rocks down in the bottom of the vase because it was too top heavy.  However, the rocks make it pretty heavy and not easy to move around (King thinks we need to move this vase off the table everytime we eat, when we could just push it aside.)  The "everyday" arrangement (left) features just flowers, with some greenery.  This is actually a whole bushel of flowers that you can purchase at HL.  All you do is throw it in the vase and you don't have to think about what flowers go with what types of greenery, nor do you have to worry about the height being pleasing to the eye.  I didn't even have to use any floral foam.  This other arrangement is my "fall" arragement (right).  I just love this!!!!  I had purchased these flowers for my friends Wedding Eve party, they were actually divided up into 12 different vases.  I brought all of the stems home and placed them into my vase.  I didn't realize the arragement was going to be so big.  I think what really makes this arragement is the weeping flowers that are the burnt orange color.  I just love the way they drape down.  I also, love the feathers, those are so trendy right now.  If you want to do an arrangement for you house, don't be shy about playing with the flowers while you are at the store.  I'm sure I look like a crazy woman in the aisle with tons of flowers in my hand and in my basket.  I also try to keep all of the price tags on the flowers until I finalize how my arragement is going to look . . . I usually over buy.  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cards & My Brithday

I have been on a card making spree these last few days.  Making cards is a real challenge for me because the area that you have to work with is really small.  A card isn't near a big as a piece of 12 x 12 paper that you scrapbook on.  Also, it is a challenge for me to come up with different layouts and sentiment sayings.  However, most of the time I just make generic cards and then I can stamp in "Happy Birthday" "Thank You" or just whatever on the inside of the card. After about a year or two of making cards, I feel as though I have gotten better and a little more creative.  I have become obsessed with those vintage ladies and smart a** sayings that go along with the ladies.  These two are my favorite: "I am only as strong as the coffee that I drink and the hairspray that I use" or "Be nice to your children, they choose your nursing home" I just love em and just had to make some vintage type cards.  I made a special one for my favorite aunt K, who is a card making machine and probably has about 500 stamps!  It says "What does she do with all those stamps."  LOL It totally fits her, I will have to post some of her creations.  I am bummed because I copied her Christmas card to make my Valentine's Day cards and didn't even take any pics of them.  Oh well. . . 

My birthday just pasted right before Valentine's Day.  I turned the dreaded 27.  I am officially into may late twenties.  It kinda sucks in a way, I guess just the stigma of all the things that go with being 27.  Like KIDS, and MARRIAGE!!  Which, if you know me, I have neither.  I have the long term boyfriend, who I call King, and we have been dating for almost 6 years!! (Officially 6 years in May.)  We live together and we like it that way.  Wow! I am totally getting of topic here! LOL  So my birthday was great! And I came to realize that I work with a great group of people who must really like me! LOL  Two of my work BFF's organized cup cakes, lunch for everyone, and a card which included a nice size gift card enclosed.  Since the gift card amount was so substantial I felt it was only appropriate to give all of those that contributed a thank you card.  I got an idea from some mini Valentine cards and I just fell in love with them.  But I don't like always mailing mini cards in snail mail because the envelopes are just too big- seems disappointing to get a tiny card in a large envelope.  Giving out my mini birthday thank you's to my office peeps was the perfect opportunity to make some mini cards.  Especially since I was able to hand deliver them with out any envelopes.  Of course, everyone just loved them!  They are 3.25 x 3.25 with the printed paper being 3 x 3.  I printed the words "thank you" on white card stock and used my circle punch to cut out the words.  Add a little paint, ribbon and your done! I was stoked because I was able to use up a lot of my scrap paper!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was this past weekend and I spent Friday and Saturday at home while King went to visit his family in B Town, I think he gets homesick.  I just didn't feel like traveling for the weekend, especially since he sprung this idea on me at noon on Friday.  Don't worry, I wasn't upset by him leaving for the weekend, when he is away I am able to get tons of stuff done around the house and I am able to craft my little fingers off!  And besides, I had to go get his Valentine gift for the second time.  King was working in El Paso and I had sent him a box of goodies but he had left the hotel before it actually got there.  I don't know if we will ever see that package.  LOL  King and I never really make a big deal out of birthdays or Valentine's Day.  With Christmas being in December, King's birthday being in January, and my birthday just four days before V-day, it just doesn't seem that special to get yet another gift.  So we usually only end up spending about $20 or so for V-day.  I bought this bucket and filled it full of Kings favorite things such as Chips Ahoy "Chewy", Carmex, Gatorade, Peanut Butter, Reese's and all things red and black.  He thought I out did him.  Which isn't what gifts are about.  I had put together something that came from my heart.  However, he did get me some roses! They are so pretty.  I'm such a penny pincher . .  . . I was glad that he went to the grocery store to get the flowers and not to a florist.  LOL That evening we went to a local pizzaeria to eat a casual dinner.  I was floored at how packed that place was.  There was actually a wait for a table but it was worth it since their food is really tasty; besides most of the restaurants probably would've had a longer wait than ten minutes! 
On Saturday I made five pairs of cotton capri lounge pants!! (Sorry no pics.) I am crazy! I didn't realize that I had purchased that much fabric.  Buying great looking fabric is almost an addiction that I have, just like buying scrapbooking paper.  I just can't help myself!  It is just as easy to make one pair of pants as it is to make 5.  When I am working on making multiples of things, I always get an assembly line going on.  Cut them all out, sew them all up, iron open all the seems, put elastic in all of them, and finally iron all of them one last time.  Since I had made five new pair this weekend, and made three new pair last week, I decided it was time to clean out my dresser for the new lounge pants.  Which I was glad I did, some of that stuff was getting pretty nappy! LOL I would also like to share this super snazzy tote bag that I made to match my new pink Coach purse!  It's fresh, very spring-y and will carry me into summer.  The old tote was red, black, and yellow, which wasn't happening with my new pink purse.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Understanding Blogs ?!?!?!?!?

So I am such a doofus, I didn't realize that uploading a template would be so easy! I'm stoked!  And I'm even more stoked that you can get free ones!  Even though it was easy, it am disappointed that I do not "truly" understand how all that HTML stuff works.  Guess I'm going to have to do some more research, so don't be alarmed if you come to the blog and everything is all out of wack!! LOL  That is just me trying out new things! Wish was I was Photoshop savy and could create me own!  Please post any tips that you have!  Will upload V-day stuff tomorrow! 

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blog Has Started

Okay, I've been thinking about blogging for awhile now- like the whole year of 2009. Sooooo here it is!! Yay! I am totally stoked! Took me awhile to come up with a name but that is for another day and if you know me, you can probably understand why I choose that name. I don't even know how to make a jazzy blog, with all those snazzy borders. Hmmm . . . it is going to take me some time to figure all of that out.
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