Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Cards

I finally get to show off my Halloween cards.  I had to make sure that everyone received them before posting them on my blog.  Cards are not really my forte . . . it's hard for me to work in such a small space and I don't get to jazzy on each card because I end up making so many . . . gets a little tedious. I made about 20 or so.  Not one card is "exactly" the same.  I am pretty certain that these are the best Halloween cards that I have made.  Of course, I purchase WAY too many supplies!

I even like to decorate the inside a wee bit!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I {heart} Topiaries!

Remember the vase that was from my mini bedroom redo?  There wasn't a plan for the $8 bargain.  But when I saw this topiary tutorial  over at Thrifty Decor Chick, I knew it was perfect. (She has some other great topiary ideas in that post too!)  I admit, I didn't think it was going to turn out as good as hers was but with little time the project was complete and easy!  It adds just the right touch in the master bedroom.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Texas A&M Necklace, Whoop!

Most of my friends and myself, graduated from Texas A&M University.  Oh how we love being Aggies and we sure do love some Aggie football!  (Okay, let's leave out the part that the Aggies do not win often.)  Every Aggie has an undying love & pride for Texas A&M, no matter the score.  The famous quote is "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. From the inside out, you can't explain it.Yeah, it really is like a cult. {j/k}  LOL

Any who, Mrs. D and her husband still attend a lot of the football games.  Of course, being in Texas you have to have to most snazzy-est jewelry ever.  An Aggie rosette necklace was the perfect birthday gift for Mrs. D.  She will be stylin' at the games!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trick Or Treat Bags

My final and last Halloween project for this year.  Oh there were so many fabulous ideas that I saw and totally wanted to make more decor, but time is out.

I found these simple black bags at Micheal's for only a $1!  I already had all of the supplies to make them super snazzy.  Of course, with no children, Mrs. Rooster's kids get to benefit from my craftyness.  They totally think I am the bomb (dot) com! LOL  Did I really just say that?! 

I used the same technique from these tote bags that I did back in June.  A tight zig zag stitch on the "B" and then a straight stitch on the "T"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"iFriend Friday" Over at Parenty By Dummies

Check out my iFriend Friday post over at Parenting By Dummies. There's a little readin' about me and of course, some Halloween ideas too!  If you're not a follower of Parenting By Dummies, you really should be. Dumb Mom is HILARIOUS & very real too.  I am totally diggin' on her blog.

Here is how Dumb Mom started out my post . .  . . (If you know me, it TOTALLY fits!)

Pumpkins are orange.
Ghosts are white.
Prepare yourself
for a spooky fright.
Not Halloween,
my silly mate.
The day you say,
“I think I’m late!”
Your life will change
Nothing the same.
When you join in,
the mommy game.
Some things will be better.
Some things will be worse.
When you go from a Coach clutch,
to a mommy purse.
So, welcome our ifriend
to the blog today,
she’s not a mom yet,
so don’t chase her away!

Girl Birthday Outfit

I was thrilled when an old high school friend contacted me to make her little girl a one year birthday outfit.  The Mom picked out a pink and brown color scheme, which is super cute and popular right now.  I am really excited on how the whole outfit turned out; especially since this was my first one.  The hat is actually attached to a headband & is stuffed like a pillow.

Isn't this one of the cutest babies ever!

Now that I have made a birthday outfit, I informed Mrs. Rooster, that her girls WILL have birthday outfits for their birthdays next year.  Oh I am dying to make another!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gift for Me?! & Super Fabulous Pumpkin!

I hardly ever receive handmade items because I am usually the crafty friend passing out the handmade items.  So you can image that I was thrilled when a friend from Bible study brought me this super fabulous Halloween decor sign.  I wish I had her talent, looks like she has some free handing painting & the bingo card is just perfect!  I hung it on the door handle of the guest bedroom. 

I have seen some pretty fabulous pumpkins in blog land but I found my favorite pumpkin on my personal Facebook page.  An old high school friend decorated this Finding Nemo pumpkin.  Isn't it SUPER!! I just can't get over how flippin' cute it is.  Totally creative!  Imagine if you did Nemo's friends too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Apothecary Jars

Oh how we all love apothecary jars! Including me! They are so freakin' fabulous and so fun to fill up with random objects.  The number one reason why I like them is because they are good for all seasons and holidays.  I first saw DIY apothecary jars over at Shanty 2 Chic; these ladies are fabulous!  I became inspired by Ashley's tutorial and made my own version. 

 Tip: I wasn't able to find candle sticks in varying heights and besides, have you seen the price on the candle sticks?! They are like $3! (I know, I am too cheap . . . but I need all the money for more projects! LOL)  I found a bag of (6) 1 7/8" candle sticks for $2.99!! I was able to glue them together and make varying heights.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Favors

Not to brag on myself, but everyone at my office thinks I am like the most creative person alive. or atleast in Central Texas. Yeah, I know that I am totally NOT! Cause I see all of ya'lls work out there and it's really fabulous. To uphold my creative status, I made some Halloween favors for a few of my work BFF's. I love making small items like this and giving them away.

I love re-using food jars and cans for these type of projects.  Makes me feel like a green crafter. :)

Did you notice the mummy wrapped Hershey's bars? Oh I think they are so stinkin' cute!  Totally easy too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Don't hate me for what I am about to say . . .  Modge Podge pisses me off.  Yeah, I really did just type those words.  I know, everyone uses it!!   It never seems to work the way that I want it to.  Maybe I don't use enough or using too little, not sure.  I went ahead and gave it a try with the pumpkin heads since it was a "small" Modge Podge project, and I was excited with the results.  

On to the EEK sign; Modge Podge was fabulous on the EEK letters.  I was impressed, so now I have love for Modge Podge.  The original plan was to Modge Podge the background papers of the sign onto a canvas and it totally didn't work . .  . everything got all caddywompus on me.  The background papers are just adhered with regular scrapping adhesives and hot glue.  All in all, I will give Modge Podge a try again, especially on the letters.

I have to admit, this turned out WAY better than what I had anticipated.  I purchased too many paper crafting supplies for my Halloween cards, thus the EEK sign being born.  It's going to look fabulous hanging at the office.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Heads

Like I've said before, I usually don't decorate for Halloween.  But when I saw one of these at HL, I knew I could make one for the same price and it would look way more awesome.  I really like the whimsical feel the  pumpkin head gives off.  I used a little Modge Podge, eyelash trim, lace, few embellishments, and hot glued the pumpkin head to the candlestick. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Paper Bouquet

I have FINALLY finished my Halloween cards.  Yeah, I was totally being a bloggin' and craftin' bum.  As you saw from the previous post my craft room was upside down.  Got the cards done (will post once the recipients receive them, they read my blog) and even fit in a few other paper crafting items such as this paper bouquet.  I guess I have been under a rock, because I didn't know even know you could make a pinwheel like this out of paper.  I gave it a try and they turned out super fabulous! Took this over to one of my coworkers that moved offices; she was really appreciative & it looked very cute on her desk.

(I wish the colors on the paper showed up better, they really are more vibrant.)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Banner

This is the Halloween banner that hangs at my office.  I originally saw the whole banner thing kick off at the scrapbooking store in my town.  At the time, I thought this was "SOOO" super fabulous, but now, I think it's kinda frumpy compared to some of the others that I've seen.   I made it about two years ago . . .  one more year and I might end up making a new one but for now, it will do.

Even made a little desk accessory! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock Table Scape

I've never decorated my table for Halloween before.  Why? Yeah, not sure .  . . Usually I just decorate for Fall which I can put up in October so I can get a two for one.  This tables cape is from things that I already had or purchased at DT.  Except for the table runner that I whipped up.  I think I ended up spending about $20 or less.  It totally reminds of Alfred Hitchcock with the birds and the feather boa.

(Yes, I ended up taking the whole thing outside to get some better pics with natural light.)

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