Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Feel Like A Slacker

I have totally been neglecting my blog due to the fact that I have been sooooo busy at work.  And as most of you know, we do not have the internet at home (thus leaving me to do blogging at work).  Ahhh! I know we are just kinda cheap! However, we are high rollers now!  We officially have internet at home! Whoop! I am feeling like a slacker because I told myself if I was going to do this blog thing- I would try to blog almost everyday.  I am so behind. When I left off, I had a whole laundry list of things to do for the weekend. I was stoked cause they all got done! And if I do say so myself- the patio looks fabulous! As you can see for yourself in the pics.  

A light coat of spray paint on the existing table and a small arrangement with the sign that I purchased at the Fort Worth Stockyards make this seating area super snazzy!
(Can you believe that I actually purchased something that I could have made?)

 The two new chairs look great with the new throw pillow which ins't even shown in the picture LOL.
Sam's Club became a my new best friend for the weekend since the chairs where super cheap.
 King even put up the "garden" lights.
(You should've seen him! He was so pround of his work!)

I recovered the bench that was on the front patio but I didn't take an up close picture of it.  Go figure. All I need to do is stain the wood.  Apparently when you purchase new treated wood, you have to wait for it to "dry out" so I will probably tackle that task once the weather warms up and the rain stops.  I am totally going to beat up El Nino if he doesn't stop all this rain.  I will stain the wood and paint the house at the same time.  I know, your probably thinking- "She's going to paint her own house?!" Yep!  I sure am.  I just can't see hiring someone to do a job that I am perfectly capable of.  I know it is going to take me a little time, but I can get it done.  King is an expert caulker and will caulk anything that needs to be done before he goes out of town next.  Besides, I think I will go off on someone if they get paint on my brick, I just can NOT have that! 
Painted a bucket . . . for a cig buts.  Yeah . . . yeah. . . I know! 
Smoking is bad for you!
 Made the chair pad for the front porch rocking chair and put in a bushel of flowers from HL in the pot. For those of you who aren't good at making flower arrangements, just go to HL and buy the bushel of flowers that already have different flowers all in one.  Usually, it comes out cheaper compared to the individual stems.  Drop the whole bushel of flowers in a pot and BAM! it's done! (Don't forget to add floral foam in the bottom of your container.) I did this with the tiny arrangement for the back porch too!

Check out this very cute idea! Very "Spring-y" If you aren't really a crafter and want to be, make this Easter decoration and everyone will thing you are the next Martha Stewart!!  All you need are a few items, 1) square vase 2) two bags of jelly beans 3) one package of marshmellow candies such as Peeps 4) colored Easter grass 5) fake flowers.  I sorted my jelly beans because I onlywanted pink, yellow, and orange ones.  I think King ate the other colors.  Once you have all of your supplies, just layer the items, just like in my picture.  I have a layer of peeps on the front and a layer of peeps on the back; however, it is really hard to try to hide the floral stems in between the peeps and the grass; therefore, not making this arrangement a full 360 degree arragement.  Mine is placed on a table where you can't see the back due to the stems.  Hope you get inspired to maybe create one of your own floral arrangements!  Be sure to check out my old blog about my table arragements, they look super fabulous but didn't take a lot of time!

Wedding crunch time this week! Almost Mrs. Dreibelbis will no longer be "Almost" by the end of the week.


amanda larue said...

I need help starting my scrap book. Most of mine have all been pretty plain and juvenile. Any suggestions on how to make each page interesting?

Carol Schimschat said...

That porch is too cute!!! Speaking of too cute, I have a project for you if you are interested...

Jennifer Chastun said...

I love it. Also to make the cig butt bucket look better you can put cheap kitty litter in it and it works great for putting out the cigs ;)

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