Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Weekend

King and I had an eventful weekend attending two birthday parties! One of course, one was at Mrs. Rooster's house with a bunch of nine year old girls.  Wow, that sure was an eye opener for King.  It kinda freaked him out! LOL  Since we don't have any children, he really doesn't know how to interact with kids, especially girls.  Thank goodness him and Mr. Rooster had a "free pass" to leave since it was an all girl party.  I would like to show off the super snazzy bulletin board that I jazzed up for Rooster Child.  It's just a regular 'ol bulletin board that you can basically find at any store, I got this one at Hobby Lobby, but I have seen them at Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond and at Target.  Purchase the bulletin board and a feather boa(s), then get out your staple gun to staple the boa to the edge of the bulletin board.  You're done! It only takes about five minutes and your able to give a super snazzy gift that any young girl would want.  Heck! I even made myself one for my craft room!!  Below is the other side of the cupcake toppers that I made. 

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