Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check Out These Ideas!!

I am not sure what these cone things are called but I really like them!! I finally found one at Micheal's for 50% off, and added some flowers from HL that where also 50% off.  A nice wall decoration for around $15!!  It really adds a nice touch to our master bedroom without being too girly for King.

I don't have my own project to share with you today, but I wanted to share some of these great ideas that I have come across! Maybe give you some inspiration to get a little crafty!!

I am soooo going to have to make one of these!! This is a great idea!!
Get the full tutuorial over at Not Just Paper and Glue.

This is for you Mrs. Rooster!! Mrs. Rooster has an upcoming baby shower in the works!
Check out the tutorial over at Craft Envy

Oh how I wish I had a little girl, wait .. . did I just type those words?! I think they did!! LOL  I only think I want children when I see stuff like this.  Okay moms, I know what your thinking, you don't have time to make this! Two words that moms should live by: effective and efficient.  With that being said, you should get all the stuff together to make one for your own daughter, and then make 2-3 more for bithday gifts that you can keep on hand.  No more fretting about going out to buy a gift, you daughter can help, and I bet this project only costs about $10-12 to make!  Check it out over at It's Greener Over Here!

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