Friday, September 6, 2013

Follow Me On Instagram: SewinCupcakes

I have recently become obsessed with Instagram!  What about you?! I usually end up posting some of my smaller projects on Instagram.  Most of the time, it is projects that are usually spur of the moment or things that I don't typically feel like blogging about.  

Here are some of the things that can be seen on Instagram! If you enjoy my blog, you can become a follower on Instagram! SewinCupcakes is my user name. 

Easy 100% cotton skirts that I whipped up for summertime!

Freezer paper stencils! I used my Silloutte to cut out the images for the freeer paper stencil.  How about the burlap?! Ack! I love it!! I made the burlap pillow for my Mom, she recently started raising honey bees.

Ties for the nerdy boyfriend! Aren't they fabulous! He does like them; however, he really wants a few bow ties ... The kind that actually tie.  Have you ever tried to make a bow tie?!  They are really a pain in the butt; so tedious and time consuming for such a small accessories. 

Ruffled rubber gloves for the boyfriend's sister! A cute and fun item to make!

Whipped up this decorative dish towel for the boyfriend's house.  Apparently I was using the "decorative" to dry my hands; however, the decorative dish towel was not decorative.  Problem solved. 

Instagram has become my new favorite place to search for ideas and inspiration.  Hope you can find some from me! Feel free to steal and idea or two and create it into your own.
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