Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cupcake Toppers!

I just wanted to share these super fabulous cupcake toppers that I made for Mrs. D's bridal shower.  On each cupcake topper there are words that describe the soon to be bride and groom.  Some of the groom's words were : "hunter" "savage" "deer slayer" Some of the bride's words were "creative" "scrapper" "photographer"  It is fun to do these if you have a couple who has alot of hobbies, then you can get real creative on the words.  I simply printed those words on cardstock and used my circle punch to cut them out.  Then, I mounted the cirlces onto scalloped circles that I cut out with the Cricut.  Use some hot glue to add a toothpick to the back so you can stick the toothpick into the cupcake.

I made these cupcake toppers for my friend's daughter's birthday.  Her daughter is going to love them (I'm sure all of her friends will like them too!).  This friend, I'll call her "Mrs. Rooser", is my newest friend that I have introduced into the crafting world. Over the past few months it has been so much fun getting together with Mrs. Rooster being "craftsters! "  or "craft nerds" It is really great to be able to craft with someone who is actually creative and has cool ideas too! 

Check out her oversized tag invitations that she created for the birthday party.  I thought they turned out pretty snazzy! Especially for a nine year old birthday party!  Rooster is getting crazy for the birthday party- the girls are making bracelets.  She purchased a giant kit with beads and all the accessories for each girl to be able to make a bracelet to take home.  Thank goodness King is going over to Mrs. Rooster's to be with her husband on birthday party night.  I think there will be too much estrogen flying around for Mr. Rooster to be alone. 

Above are the cirlces that I had added to the baby shower invitations.  It is the same concept as the circles that I made for the cupcake toppers.  I made some circles that said "Queen of Everything" with a crown.  Or you can even print the words "Thank You" "Thanks A Bunch" I like to be able to create my own words and use the cirle punch to cut them out because I am able to customize the words and mass produce them.  I have fallen in live with these new circle scallop cut outs, especially for cards!! Mrs. Rooster even made some mini cards with this idea!

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