Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost Forgot Mrs. D

I almost forgot to share this in the previous post .  . . . Mrs. D is super crafty and always coming up with super creative things.  Since I am a crafter I understand the creativity and time that it takes to make something for someone.  When Mrs. D asked me to be her MOH, she made me this super snazzy mini lunch sack book.  Isn't it just so cute!  There where pics of her and I in it and on each page there where a few words saying "Will you be my maid of honor?" What a great way to ask someone to be in your wedding!  I thought it was a super nice gift and it is one of the only handmade gifts that sit in my craft room.

 To make this item, you just take about 3 or more lunch sacks (they come in all sizes and colors), fold them in half and BAM! you have a book.  Since one end of the lunch sack is open, you are able to make inserts for the book.  On the binding you can add those binder clips that come in all sizes and colors.  Add some ribbon for some cute-ness.

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