Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pink Dog

Today is finally Friday!! Yay!!! I am stoked about this weekend.  We have two birthday parties to attend to.  One here for Mrs. Rooster's dauther and one in B Town for King's cousin.  So I have decided to blog about this cute little pink dog that is in the picture above.  I just love him, he sits in my craft room and sometimes I use him for a pin cushion whenever I have big sewing project going on.  But most of the time he just sits up on the shelf as decoration.  I find odd that I call this pink dog a "he" . .  .  he doesn't have a name.  However, as most of you have probabably noticed, this is the pink dog that has come from Vicki's.  Hmmm  . . . a ladies lingerie store that sells pink stuffed dogs?! That doesn't seem sexy to me! I have become sooooo disappointed with VS over the years.  Vicky has totally gotten off task!! Over the past five years, everytime I walk into VS I am like "Great! Same 'ol shit!"  So here I am wanting to buy "sexy" lingerie/nightgowns for King, and all I see are cotton or velour PJ's with something written on the butt of the pants.  I have just become disappointed in the "non sexy" items that they are selling and I don't think women of any age need to be wearing pants that say "sexy" or "hottie" on the butt! (Especially in public!)  For example, I walk into VS over the Christmas holidays to get some PJ's for my mom (yes, from my Dad).  They didn't have anything!!!  Of course, my mom is in her late forties and likes classy looking clothes- rather thier lounge clothes or not.  And non of that velour crap.  Needless to say, I walked out of VS with nothing.  I ended up going to Dillards.  VS has built a good reputation for what they are selling but I feel like they are getting off tasks.  Where are the outfits that the run way models are wearing. .  . I didn't see any sequined corset in the store!  I understand that appealing to the teenagers is probably party of thier marketing tactic but I think if they want to do this, then they should open up a different store.  Maybe call it Victoria's Lounge.  LOL  All I am saying is- If a man wanted to buy a sexy something last minute for his wife to wear, he should be able to walk in to VS and walk out, hassle free.  With out feeling like a weirdo due to the fact that there are adolescents shopping next to him.

Of course, this is just my opinion and know that there are probably others out there who don't agree.  However, I am stoked that VS did make the pink dog, he does look dashing on my shelf!!

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melodyjoyangel said...

i agree with your assessment of victoria's secret! VS seems to be going from classy down to tacky and trashy at times with some clothing and lingerie items!

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