Thursday, May 6, 2010

Almost Mother's Day

I am very, very, very, excited to give my mom her Mother's Day gift.  I was totally a slacker when her birthday came around in March, so I kinda owe it to her since she is my MOM! And I might add, one of the greatest Moms of all time.  I hope (one day, since King and I are slow! LOL) that my daughter and I have the type of relationship that my mom and I have.  Yes, I talk to my mom on the phone every single day! LOL I don't think she checks the blog everyday, so I feel pretty safe that I can post the pictures of the card/tag that I made for her; however, I won't post her gift until Sunday, I definitely do not want to ruin that surprise.

Hope this served as a reminder for you to get your Mom something special- even if it isn't homemade. Although, I think homemade anything is better than store bought even if it isn't the best thing ever created.  It came from the heart.


Naturally Me Creations said...

What an excellent idea for an unwrapped gift - go all out on a big tag! :D I love the idea, and your tag came out great! :)

LadySutton said...

Love that tag!

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