Sunday, September 7, 2014

DYI Rustic Crosses

I found this idea at the Round Top Antiques Fair.  Of course, they were a little too pricey for me to be able to purchase four of them (two per set); however, I knew could go home and make these.  That’s exactly what I did- and I pretty much knocked it out of the park!  I found a tutorial {HERE} that shows how to put the wood together.  This project didn’t cost me too much since my Mom already had the 4x4 posts; and I didn't have to pay her for them--whhhaaaa?! Yes!  The metal crosses were purchased at Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course) and I got the metal flowers at the Round Top Antiques Fair for just a few dollars.

I gave these away as Christmas gifts, they are durable enough to be outside and pretty enough to be inside.  I really should make a set  for our fireplace.  Oh the never ending crafting to do list …. 

I made two sets, but for some reason I only got pictures of one set.

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Linda@MixedKreations said...

Hi Haley! I love your crosses they turned out beautiful. I have some metal roses like yours somewhere packed away that I was going to use on crosses for my daughters, but then I forgot all about them. Need to find them (-; can use on another project. Love the rustic paint job.
Thanks for sharing the link to my tutorial! Have a great week!

ldannels said...

If you don't mind me asking where you found the crosses and the roses??

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