Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Tutorials

I want to throw myself a baby shower and I'm not even pregnant! {j/k} I LOVE this baby shower corsage that I made.  I would like to think that I thought of it on my own, which I did, but I am sure someone else has made one similar. 

BABY SHOWER CORSAGE DIRECTIONS:  (takes about 10 mins.)
-Started with a dark pink gerber daisy and cut out the center "button" (click here to see a pic)  Used a gerber daisy from the floral aisle.
-Hot glued the light pink mum onto the dark pink daisy.  I found this light pink mum at HL.
-Cut the brim off one side of the pacifier so it will tuck nicely into the light pink mum.  Glue.
-Glue in a few tiny pink flowers and add a tiny bow; you're done!

Baby bibs are super easy to make even for the beginner sewer.  The best part about making them is that they hardly take any fabric at all.

I found the pattern over here, along with some great instructions.  They didn't tell you how to add the initial.  I used fusible web on my fabric and sewed along the edges before sewing the front and back pieces of the bib together.  If you don't know how to use fusible web, then you need to start! It is the greatest thing ever!  You can find it in the interfacing section of your craft/sewing store.  It also comes on a roll.  When placed between two pieces of fabric, the melting action of the web causes it to fuse the fabrics together.  It always comes with instructions that are super easy.

I can't stop making these burp rags!! Oh they are so easy and expensive to make! I love making them!! They make the cutest gifts!

During my giveaway several people asked for a burp rag tutorial.  Here are some quick and easy instructions and some tips on making them.  Ahh, I totally stink at giving instructions so am hoping too many people do not get confused.

-Before you begin be sure to PRE-WASH your burp rags! This is a must!  They shrink ALOT!
-Be sure the realize that the burp rag isn't 100% square.
-Layout your burp rag on the ironing board, getting it as square as you can.  Lay fabric on top of the burp rag with the right side up, fold under edges of fabric while matching it to the size of the burp rag, iron and pin.
-As you can see, I have two pieces of fabric.  The bottom piece of fabric is about 4" thick.
-Once you have ironed under all the raw edges, and pinned the fabric to the burp rag, then you can top stitch the fabric onto the rag.
-When you are folding under the edges of the fabric, you might realize that you aren't folding the fabric exactly straight, this is because the burp rag isn't 100% straight.
-Be sure the bobbin color is white and the top thread matches your fabric.
-Once everything is sewn into place, you can then sew on a piece of ribbon where the two pieces of fabric meet.
-Before sewing on the ribbon, I use fusible tape to hold down the ribbon so it doesn't move while sewing.  Follow the instruction on the fusible tape.
-When adhering the ribbon to the fusible tape, be sure to use a pressing cloth to protect the ribbon, the ribbon melts very easy and sometimes the images on the ribbon can melt too.
-And that is it! I usually make mine in a set of three and tie with a pretty ribbon.

If you get confused or have any questions, email me, and I will be glad to help.


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

I love how the coursage turned out! What a great idea :) You're so creative girl!! Have a great day!

Kara said...

Super cute!! Everything! Love it all!

Judy said...

So cute! I love the monogrammed bib! I've got to try making some, especially if they are as easy as everyone says they are!

Sarah said...

very cute! nice job!

janimal said...

Oh I am going to make a corsage with a pacifier center now! Cool idea, thanks!

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

So cute. My baby is 2.5 now, but I think I still need ALL of this stuff. :)

Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday!!

Donene said...

I love the corsage and the bibs are darling! Very Cute!
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Mandy said...

Thanks for linking up to Take-a-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Craft Edition - I featured you today! - Mandy,

April said...

These are so cute!!!

Kristi said...

OH, those bibs are soo cute!! Great job!

~ The Speckled Dog

Just Jana said...

Cute stuff! Love it all!

★All Thingz Related★ said...


Kim said...

Everything's so very cute. I love the color combination of the bibs - so sophisticated for a little one.

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