Monday, May 9, 2011

Porch Spruce Up

I have taken a pretty big interest in plants and sprucing up my back and front porches this spring season.  Yard work and plants are a love/hate relationship with me.  Plants make everything look esthetically pleasing to the eye; however, I do not have a green thumb . .  . trying to get there.  I really dislike mowing the yard too but I love to edge! I know, it’s crazy!  Here is what I have been working on.

PORCH7 copy
I have to have pillows.  I am one of those crazy pillow people!
I found this bench in Round Top for a steal and then I made the bench pad & pillows.
I have two single chairs that I found at Sam’s last year.

PORCH2 copy
PORCH8 copy
I am debating on rather or not I should get more of these planters. 
I think I want one for the front porch railing too!

PORCH12 copyPORCH13 copy

PORCH5 copy
Clean, simple with a touch of jazzyness . . . Totally my personality.

PORCH3 copy
I had several small flower pots out front but I wasn’t feeling it with them.  I really feel like this planter gives me that statement that I am looking for with out looking cluttered.  I actually grew those caladiums from bulbs and the azaleas (I think that is what they are.) in front are from seeds! I am so proud of myself.

PORCH22 copyPORCH23 copy

PORCH15 copy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day Card

Ack! I have been such a bloggin’ slacker! My crafty mojo was gone for about a week or two.  I don’t know what my deal was.  I AM BACK!  Super excited about some things that I have in the works.  I even have an order to do a complete baby boy bedding set.  It is going to be awesome; the Mom really picked out some super fab fabrics.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and I made my Mom this card.  I didn’t really give her an actual present this year because I will not be seeing her.  I got her a GF to Lowe’s so she could buy a chandelier for the guest bathroom that she is redoing.  When I go home, I will be sure to get some pictures.


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