Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone Decoration

I have FINALLY upgraded my phone to an iPhone … I was kicking and screaming the whole time.  Okay so I admit it, I am a little cheap and couldn’t justify paying for the data package.  I have not found a super snazzy case that I really love so I decided to jazz up a plane one.  A little vinyl and a few rhinestones!

iphone decoration

A few days ago, I whipped up these burp cloths too!  I have been making these for several years now and they are still very popular.  Such a nice gift to give.


ibshell said...

love that idea! Still haven't even gotten me a case. I kicked a screamed about my upgrade's hard to feel that gabbin' costs so much! Enjoy your beautifully personalized phone though. You will love it once you're used to it ;) *hugs*

Megan said...

I decorate a case too!! I love yours! I just got a clear backed case and decorated the inside with scrapbook paper. Don't you just love your iPhone!

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