Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Cards

I finally get to show off my Halloween cards.  I had to make sure that everyone received them before posting them on my blog.  Cards are not really my forte . . . it's hard for me to work in such a small space and I don't get to jazzy on each card because I end up making so many . . . gets a little tedious. I made about 20 or so.  Not one card is "exactly" the same.  I am pretty certain that these are the best Halloween cards that I have made.  Of course, I purchase WAY too many supplies!

I even like to decorate the inside a wee bit!


Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh these are brilliant! I love the fiber / yarn you used.

mle said...


Kellee the Caffeinated said...

Love love them!!!!

~The Mama Monster

Cassie said...

I didn't send any cards out this year! oopsie...hopefully I will find some time for Christmas cards!
Your cards rock!!!!
Do you want some more of that fringy yarn stuff? I have a crap ton and I would love to share!

Sooz said...

They are lovely!

Unknown said...

These are ADORABLE! Cards may not be your forte but you did a great job on them.

Thanks for linking up to SS!

Hannah @

Unknown said...

I loved mine!!! Thanks friend.

Christy said...

These are just too cute!

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