Thursday, October 21, 2010

"iFriend Friday" Over at Parenty By Dummies

Check out my iFriend Friday post over at Parenting By Dummies. There's a little readin' about me and of course, some Halloween ideas too!  If you're not a follower of Parenting By Dummies, you really should be. Dumb Mom is HILARIOUS & very real too.  I am totally diggin' on her blog.

Here is how Dumb Mom started out my post . .  . . (If you know me, it TOTALLY fits!)

Pumpkins are orange.
Ghosts are white.
Prepare yourself
for a spooky fright.
Not Halloween,
my silly mate.
The day you say,
“I think I’m late!”
Your life will change
Nothing the same.
When you join in,
the mommy game.
Some things will be better.
Some things will be worse.
When you go from a Coach clutch,
to a mommy purse.
So, welcome our ifriend
to the blog today,
she’s not a mom yet,
so don’t chase her away!


Vonda said...

Just read your article! It was great, she is funny. But you shouldn't worry that your running out of time at 27! Most of my friends were all 33-38 when they had their 1st kids (some are still on #1 and some have had #2), and all of them but 1 had absolutely no problems with 'eggs turning to dust' (hilarious by the way). SO, craft on sister and don't worry about it!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I can't wait to check out more of yours!

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

OMG I had such a great time now reading that post, and others! You still have dusty eggs danger! Enjoy your time for now.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

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