Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Birthday Invitation

I was super stoked when my friend asked me to help her with her daughter’s birthday invitation.  We decided on drawing a scene with chalk and then taking a picture with her daughter; I added words with Photoshop.  I wish the scene could have been better … But drawing isn’t my one of my strong abilities.  However, it turned out super stinkin’ cute.  We uploaded the picture to Walgreens and for only a few bucks- birthday invitations are done!  {What you don’t see in the picture … is my friend and I getting frustrated because Gabrielle was crying due to the sun being soooo BRIGHT! Oh the drama from a five year old!! LOL … thus the sunglasses.  However, it was pretty darn hot outside and she toughed it out like a champ.}


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