Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pittsburgh Steelers Quilt Throw Blanket

I was trying to win over my boyfriend’s Mom with this quilt … Haha! Not really, I totally made it out of love and besides, she already loves me … Who doesn’t?!?!  She is a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I knew should would appreciate this.  I’m pretty sure this blanket is one of the most fabulous items that I have made.  It is so much better looking in person.
I got all the fabrics from Joann’s.  Using a mixing and matching technique, I laid them out on the floor and took a picture of the layout with my iPhone.  Having the picture for reference was really helpful since there wasn’t a specific pattern.  Each square is 6” x 6” (I think … Or it’s 5” x 5”).


Ack!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the houndstooth!!
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Caroline Hurlock said...

my hubby is going to love this blanket....he is a steelers fan and I can do the mix and match fabric squares with the teams colors... thanks.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your quilt turned out great! Love the colors:@)

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