Friday, September 5, 2014

A Simple Valance

My second project after moving to Houston, was creating some simple window treatments for the windows in our living room.  In my last home, I had brown curtains in EVERY SINGLE ROOM!  Why?! I really like the color brown.  As I said in my previous post, Mr Z and I are completely opposite.  He loves bright fun colors and I like to "play it safe" with neutrals.  Picking out this fabric was quite the experience .... 

We got the fabric at the Joann's and I whipped up a simple curtain valance.  The valance is held by those metal rings and clips.  I added a simple blue border at the bottom for a simple finishing touch.


Gahhhh!!! I almost forgot!  I did a little "re-do"the armoire too!  I could have sworn that I had a before, the before picture.  Mrs. Rooster actually had this armoire and she painted it black-- I thought there was a blog post on it ... Guess not.  I purchased it from her before moving to Houston and then, I roughed it up a bit.  I am loving it. 

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