Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Birds With One Stone :: Cutting Felt Letters

I am the kind of person that likes to  “kill two birds with one stone”  … ALWAYS.  Even right now, I am organizing pictures and bloggin’ while Mr. Z is driving to Louisiana.  I gotta make the trip anyway, so I might as well do something productive during this down time.  If I am just visiting with friends or watching TV, I feel like I can be doing something with my hands; otherwise, I have a tendency to get bored.  Cutting out felt letters is perfect for my busy hands.  It’s totally “mindless”.  

I think I want to take up needlepoint for car rides.  Both of our families live on the other side of town, which is approximately 45 minutes one way.  I feel like I could get a lot done in that time.  I could have a "crafting to go" bag! 

For this project --- I chose a letter that was big enough to sew around.  I created a simple pattern by printing out letters, cutting them out and then tracing onto the felt.  Then, I placed the felt letters on the fabric and dotted a few drops of hot glue on the felt to hold in place.  I didn’t want to use a million pins and I wanted to make sure the letters stayed exactly where I wanted them- hot glue does the trick!  I used the felt letters to make a cute vertical banner for my aunt and a pillow for my Grandmother. 

Felt is cheap and I used fabric that I already had on hand.

Love pom pom fringe! 

I really like the color combination of yellow, gray and pink.  So fun!

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