Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost Mrs. Dreibelbis

OMG! Imagine the last name "DREIBELBIS" . . . . no offense "soon to be Mrs. D".   Thank goodness Almost Mrs. D isn't a school teacher cause the name goes against the "I before E, except after C" rule.  And I don't think the kids would be able to spell it.  Well we are about thirty days out from her wedding and sh*t is starting to hit the fan!! Decisions need to be and they need to be now! So of course, Mrs. D is totally freaking out, which is typical of all brides.  However, out of all the weddings I've been in, I think Mrs. D will be able to handle everything well.   My five closests girlfriends have gotten married over the past three years, and have been MOH in all of them.  I truly feel honored and I am so lucky to be chosen MOH that many times (and I've been MOH other weddings too just not my closests friends).  However, this kinda sucks for me, who am I supposed to pick?! I think I am going to have to have King draw straws on this one.  They are all my favorite friends and each one of them has their special qualities.  Guess I need to get engaged before I start thinking about choosing a MOH, at least King has a default, he has a brother that he can choose for his BM.

The bachelorette party for Mrs. D is coming up and I am soooo stoked about it.  We had originally wanted to go to Vegas, but it just didn't happen.  Which is totally okay.  We have decided on the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I feel kinda manly going there as all women, but I really don't care, it definitly suits Mrs. D's style.  We are definitly not wine and cheese people . ..   so I think the Stockyards will be what we are looking for.  Besides, I have never been (and I've been living in Texas my whole life!! Never even seen the Alamo.)  Looking forward to the shopping!  Check out the super snazzy invitations that I made.  On the back I printed the schedule of events.  I thought they were cute. I'm into the long and skinny look of invitations, for some reason or another.

Also, the last week when I whipped up these invitations, a co-worker asked me to make baby shower invitations for her daughter.  So not only did I just make 20 bachelorette party invites, I ended up making SIXTY baby shower invites! Although, since King went back to El Paso to work, I was able to get this done.  I love the baby stuff!! Almost makes me want to have one. Yeah right! I like the "idea" of babies.  LOL  I am totally jazzed that the first of my five closests girlfriends is PREGO! Mrs. Pustjovsky (that is almost as bad as Dreibelbis! and there is a Mrs. Pfiester and Mrs. Schmitt!! I feel sorry for thier kids!  Imagine spelling those names in cursive when you're about eight!  

I leave you with pictures of the snow!! Oh how I was excited to have snow in Texas!



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Carol Schimschat said...

Cute, cute, cute invites! Speaking of cute, I love the new layout, too.

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