Monday, February 22, 2010

Floral Arrangements

All of my pictures are kinda helter skelter right now and unorganzied.  I wasn't able to take any pics of what I did this weekend because the memory card for my camera was at work.  So I will introduce to the two floral arrangements that sit on our table. . . I had been spotting this vase at Hobby Lobby for a few months, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchasing it, until I found it on the clearance! I like this vase for two reasons, 1) it is tall but not too tall 2) it is substancial enought to hold alot of floral stems, which is what I was going for, a big statement.  I had to put some rocks down in the bottom of the vase because it was too top heavy.  However, the rocks make it pretty heavy and not easy to move around (King thinks we need to move this vase off the table everytime we eat, when we could just push it aside.)  The "everyday" arrangement (left) features just flowers, with some greenery.  This is actually a whole bushel of flowers that you can purchase at HL.  All you do is throw it in the vase and you don't have to think about what flowers go with what types of greenery, nor do you have to worry about the height being pleasing to the eye.  I didn't even have to use any floral foam.  This other arrangement is my "fall" arragement (right).  I just love this!!!!  I had purchased these flowers for my friends Wedding Eve party, they were actually divided up into 12 different vases.  I brought all of the stems home and placed them into my vase.  I didn't realize the arragement was going to be so big.  I think what really makes this arragement is the weeping flowers that are the burnt orange color.  I just love the way they drape down.  I also, love the feathers, those are so trendy right now.  If you want to do an arrangement for you house, don't be shy about playing with the flowers while you are at the store.  I'm sure I look like a crazy woman in the aisle with tons of flowers in my hand and in my basket.  I also try to keep all of the price tags on the flowers until I finalize how my arragement is going to look . . . I usually over buy.  

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