Friday, March 5, 2010

Two Seasons: Winter and Summer

Wow, you just have to love the Texas weather! We only have two seasons: winter and summer.  There is no such a thing as a spring or fall season. . . . and if you live in Texas, you know exactly what I mean.  Now that summer is approaching oh so fast, I am scrambling to get all of my inside projects finished so I can start on outside projects.  And yes, outside projects do include mowing the lawn on a weekly basis because it takes me a little longer than King.  Most of the time he is out of town, so then it becomes my job. Why not hire a yard man? Cause I would rather use that "extra" money to get my hair did! LOL  Although, in some weird way, I think I like to mow the lawn. . . . . I guess it makes me feel good about myself and our little house.

Needless to say my "crafting to do list" is super long this for this weekend!! However, I did finally finish that 4th of July scrapbooking page that I was having a "creative block" on.  It's not the greatest, but it will do. Every time I scrap a 4th of July page it sucks and I don't know why.  I think it's because most 4th of July paper kinda stinks, cause my pics are usually good (or so I think so!)  While doing that page, I became fustrated, and started finishing up the laundry.  I was putting my clothes away and realized my closet looked like it threw up on its self! Everything was all mixed up and I felt the stress coming on! Yes, having an unorganized closet stresses me out.  All of the winter clothes where put back in their bins under the bed.  Ahhhh how clean it looked afterwards.  I would like to put in an order for the closet on the Sex In The City movie. 

Here's the to do list for the weekend:
1) Add decorative trim to bath towels
2) Cover the bench for back patio & purchase two new chairs and table.
3) Make cushion for rocking chair on front porch
4) Make flower pot arrangement for front porch
5) Power wash concrete on back patio and hang lights
6) Hem two pairs of jeans & sew button on shorts for King
7) Alter a dress
8) Cut out dress for soon to be  Mrs. D
9) Fertilize yard, if King hasn't already
10) Try to oil kitchen cabinents . . .  if there is time.
11) Oh yeah, King and I have a work related banquet to attend tonight.

Oh how I will be crazy busy!! But I like it that way.  Will have pictures for Monday.  Have a good weekend! I leave you with a picture of Curtis and I.  He makes me happy!!

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Amanda LaRue said...

I love making a list. Having a plan is super important when you have a ton of things to do. It keeps you totally on track and focused! About your 4th of July roadblock, might it be your too inside the box. I know it's about our nations independence day but it is more than flags and red white and blue. Try old school colonel, pasley's or something that has to do with our declaration! Take it old world! It will give you a nice neutral back piece and then you can totally jazz it up with pops of colors from your pictures and add ons! I hope that helps, and I want to see a picture of that page when you get finished!

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