Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Explosion

Mrs. D was the last of my close friends to get married over the past 3 years.  Yeah, I am the only one left . . . it's okay, cause I tell them, that my ring will be BIGGER than all of theirs.  LOL I have been honored to be maid of honor in all of their weddings and loved every minute of it! However, who am I supposed to choose!? It has been a question lurking in the back of my mind for a long time.  I guess, King and I will have to draw straws. . . . Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.  Now that all of the friends are married, I know the baby explosion is going to start happening just like the weddings did.  Mrs. P is already pregnant!! Yay! I am so excited for her.  It is killing me that I do not know what the sex of the baby is!  I want to make some stuff!!!  Since I knew the baby explosion was coming I decided to do some practing and monogrammed on some baby burp rags for some of the girls in our H-town office that recently delivered.  One of the girls like them so much, that she actually placed an order for a gift! How lucky was that!?  She also ordered some bibs too!  The ones that I made aren't monogrammed; however, they turned out super cute!  Check 'em out! 
 This is really easy and inexpensive thing to do with minor sewing skills.

Burp Rags:
1) Purchase cloth diapers, I believe it was a package of 12 for about $9.
2) Purchase fabric, several fabrics with coordinating prints.  Honestly, I don't know how much you will need per rag.  I already had some existing fabric and had to buy more.  If you want to be really exact with the fabric and not over buy, take your cloth diaper into the store.  Pre-was fabric and cloth diapers.
3) Cut fabric one inch larger than the cloth diaper. If you want to add a band of fabric with trim to the bottom half of the diaper, go ahead and add that and sew on the trim.
4) Fold under edges of fabric and pin to cloth diaper.  It won't the 100% exact because the cloth diaper is not exactly square.
5) Sew fabric really close on the edge to cloth diaper and you are done.
6) Make in sets of three. I folded mine really nice with a cute tag.

Yeah I forgot to change the orientation of the picture.

1) Get pattern from this place and print out.  I used pattern Bib A and made my own directions (or you can follow theirs.)
2) Purchase fashion fabric, terry cloth and iron on stabilizer.  I did not buy terry cloth at the fabric store; I went to Dollar General and bought a large bath towel. for $2.  Pre wash your fabric and towel.
3) Cut one of fashion fabric, terry cloth and stabilizer.  Use pattern to add accenting fabric at the bottom.  Iron your stabilizer to the back of the fashion fabric, follower manufactures directions.  Sew on trim.
4) Sew fashion fabric to the terry cloth with the "right" side of the fashion fabric down.  Be sure to leave opening so you can turn the bib right side out.
5) Turn right side out, iron and top stitch around the edges.
6) Add a snap or velcro and your done.  Once again, I made a set of three and added a cute tag.

This is such a great and inexpensive gift to give to anyone.  Especially since the burp rags and bibs match, people just love that stuff.  It's a great way to use of some of your scraps too! I have a tendency to buy a lot of pink fabric, so I didn't have to buy that much more fabric.  Well I am a cheapy, so I have to point out the fact that the cloth diapers are $9 for 12, and you could probably get fabric for about $15, which is a total of $24, thus making each set only $8!! Also, my Mom told me she saw ONE diaper rage or $12 in Old Town Spring!!! Outrageous!! Hope you're able to make some for gifts!!

Note From The Autocrat: The post from yesterday was supposed to post on Friday, not sure what happened.  I don't think I saved it correctly from the night before, I thought I had the "scheduled" post set.  Need to work on that!

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Julia said...

Thanks so much for the idea! This is a wonderful pattern and I am going to make some for an upcoming baby shower. Your blog is great:)!


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