Monday, April 5, 2010

Chairs Are Done

The chairs are finally done! I think they turned out great!  I am not too thrilled about the fact that I ended up painting them but I really suck at staining. So they will have to do!  They look good enough for $40 and some spray paint.  I had purchased that fabric a long time ago, so it was basically free for this project.  The dining room comes together with all the brown due to the fact that there is a lot of brown in the living room with the brown leather furniture.  The super nice fabric really makes the chairs look a little more luxurious.  

This acrylic stuff has become my new best friend in crafting; the Crazy Dog Lady introduced me to this stuff (not sure if it is the exact stuff that she uses, but something like it).  This acrylic spray adds a nice THICK clear coat to your project and makes it look not as "homemade".  You really can't tell that there is an acrylic coat in the pictures, but I promise, there is!  I was inspired to make some mini signs when I purchased that sign at the FW stockyards, that says "welcome to our porch"  I put the sign idea together with the vintage smart *ss girls since I am a little obsessed with them.  I gave them away as some thank you gifts for some people in my life who were doing a good job for me.  Check them out! I think they turned out good. Yes, I LOVE eyelash trim too! I jazzes up anything!

 I purchased "craft wood" at HL and painted the edges; you could even use scrap wood since you are going to cover it.  Glue on your paper with regular Elmer's Glue.  Then apply the acrylic spray.  The final step is to add any ribbon or eyelast trim.  I added ribbon at the top for a hanger (not shown in bottom picture).  You could even buy smaller pieces of wood or use chipboard and make some magnets. 

I even made some signs for the two bullies kennels.

I don't think the dogs "need" signs for the kennels, but I like having them!  LOL


Carol said...

The chairs turned out would never guess they are the same ones!

Haley Bullard-Davis said...

Thanks Carol!

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