Sunday, April 11, 2010

WANTED: A Green Lawn & Guest Bedroom

I am determined to get a nice looking lawn this spring and summer.  I think I can do it; however, working out in the yard is "work".  It is not entertainment for me; I'd rather be crafting! But I am extremely OCD and I want to have one of the best yards on the block.  Now that the back porch is finished, having a nice looking lawn is more important to me since we are spending more time out there.  Having two dogs is working against me.  As I mentioned before, I did buy the Scott's Turfbuilder, which is working well but I want the grass to be alot more dense.  I head on over to the Home Depot to get some grass seed thinking that I can just pick up a bag, okay that was confusing!!  There are a million different types and kinds of fertilizer and seed.  I decided to buy four different bags to mix 'em  up together and hopefully I can get a more dense lawn.  I'll let keep you posted.

As some of you know, King and I have had a roommate for the past two years.  At the end of April he is moving out since he is finished with school.  I get my guest room back!!  Here is what it currently looks like!

Please DO NOT  think that any other part of my house looks like this.  Yes, it gives me anxiety to even open the door.  But hey, he pays rent for that space, so I can't say anything.  I only go in there to vacuum any of the exposed carpet.  I purchased two pieces of furniture off of CL for this room. I purchased this armoire for $50 and this headboard with frame for $30.  I felt like I got a deal on both of them!

I don't think I am going to refinish the armoire, it is in really good shape and doesn't have any scratches.  I think it just needs some good furniture polish.  However, I am going to do a re-do on the bed.  Currenlty I am on to searching for a cheap chandelier for the craft room that I can jazz up.  Maybe my new BFF, Craig, will have something on his list!

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