Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bull Terriers: Curtis and Pearl

As I walk through the front door this evening a catch a faint wiff of dog sh*t.  Yeah I said it, dog poo!!! Ugghhh, it must be the worst poop to have to smell.  Makes me want to gag and throw up.  Why did I smell dog poo?  Because Curtis shat in his pen.  Not sure why he did this since this is NOT common practice for him.  Guess he didn't like the fact that I had to go buy a new pair of sunglasses and was a little later than normal getting home.  Due to this incident, I decided to introduce you to my two silly bull terriers.  (Also, let me explain that both of our dogs stay kenneled all day, so no poop made it into the house, only in his pen.  We also have the dogs in the oversized converted garage utility room which does not have carpet.)

King has always want a "Curtis" You probably wondering what a "Curtis" is . . .well a Curtis is a Bull Terrier.  Ever since I have known King (even before we started dating six years ago) he has wanted a Curtis.  Everytime King saw a bull terrier he would call it a Curtis.  (King likes to give human names to animals.) Bull Terriers are known as the clownish dogs of the canine species.  They have a personality like no other dog, which is defintly an experience.

Here is Pearl.  Her name stems from the fact that she is white. (duh) She is the first bully that I adopted almost three years ago.  Pearl is a rescue dog that I adopted from the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club She has been the best dog ever.  I was glad to adopt her as an adult dog.  I know that lots of people want a puppy cause they are cute and snuggly.  I admit it, I love puppies too!!  But the biggest downside is having to pottytrain a puppy, which I have no patience for.  Which is why it was a great decision for me to get Pearl as an adult.  I didn't feel like I had to do a lot of training with her, Pearl seemed to pick up on things more quicly.  She seems to be very greatful to have a home where someone loves her.  Pearl is a dog that is very "go with the flow"  She isn't needy and doesn't really bark much, nor does she tear many things up.  She's just content being a dirty dog, I can't keep her clean. Secretly, she loves Curtis, but I don't think she will ever admit to it.

Here is Curtis.  Curtis has a total different personality than Pearl.  Curtis is our Christmas dog, cause he was born on Christmas Eve.  Which is all the more reason to love him! Curtis comes from the Crazy Dog Lady.  She is the Crazy Dog Lady because she always has about four or five bullys as her house and has more bully decorations than anyone that I know!  (She's super crafty too! I wish I had some of her skills!)  In the bull terrier world Curtis and his litter are some of the best bred dogs right now.  The Crazy Dog Lady is currently showing Curtis's sister who is doing very well!  The CDL was going to show Curtis, but he decided to only drop one testicle . . . it was such a bummer for CDL but I am grateful that she let us have him.  Curtis is always trying to be funny and is constanlty doing mischeivious things even when he darn well knows that he shouldn't be doing them.  He is a little more needy than Pearl and demands a little more one on one time with me or King.  He definlty has his own peronality, I can't even describe it.  He's just Curtis.  Curtis doesn't even get dirty, doesn't like to potty in the rain, knows when it's feeding time and never lets me capture a picutre of him sleeping on his back.  Curtis is my snuggly bully that acts like an 8 year old boy.  I love this second picture of him, it captures that teeny tiny bit of "innocence" that he has.

I haven't been able to craft much this week, past the baby bibs that I posted.  However, a coworker saw the pink and brown bibs and rags, and ordered a set of each, one for a girl and one for a boy.  Yay for me because now I get to make some extra cash to support this crazy craft addition that I have.  I have recently become a Craigslist junkie!! I will explain tomorrow.

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Heather said...

Hi, I just wanted to say how beautiful your Bullies are.

Until December 2010 I had an English Bull Terrier .. Aitch. He died at the lovely age of 11 and I just wanted to say you are right that these dogs have character like no other! x

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