Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy Child Skirt Tutorial

After making skirts for myself I knew that I could whip up some for Mrs. Rooster's daughter.  These are soooo easy.  I didn't use a pattern but I have some what of a tutorial but not a picture by picture tutorial.  I kinda stink at giving tutorials.  Instructions at the end of post.

Aren't these so stinking cute!  (Apparently, peace signs are the new in thing for 9-10 year olds.)

Okay, here is my attempt at a tutorial:

1) Essentially you are going to start with a rectangle.  Like above.
2) The length (height) will be from the child's waist to their knee.  Leave some allowance for the elastic and the hem.
3) The width of the fabric will be as wide as your child's front and back plus a some extra depending on how full you want the skirt.
4) Before I sew the ends together, I like to iron my elastic hem as well as my bottom hem, then sew the two ends together.  (The picture really helps on this step.)  That seam from the two ends will be the back of the skirt.  Ironing before you sew makes it easier because it isn't connected at the ends.
5) Re fold the elastic and bottom hem, possibly pinning for sewing depending on your sewing skills.  Sew up hems.  On the elastic hem, you are going to sew on top of each fold (Does that make sense?)
6) Now it is time to add elastic.  You are going to rip open that back seam so the elastic can go inside there.  Add a safety pin to your elastic so you can get it through the two seams.

You're done! Okay, I totally hope that wasn't too confusing.  Email me if you have any questions.


Hope said...

I love your skirt tutorial...I just created a half shirt for my daughter out of the same material..She is wearing a tank top under it and would look great with the skirt you created. TFS..Now I need to go get some more of that material. Hope

Kara said...

So cute!!! What a great gift idea!

Erica said...

How cute! I was just thinking this morning that my daughter needed a few skirts to wear to school.

I made a quilt for my oldest daughter using that exact same peace fabric. I think that fabric is cute! May have to use it for my little one's skirt. :-)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

I wish I had sewing skills...and girls to make skirts for; they are too cute!

Kim said...

Very cute and easy, you could whip these up in no time. Thanks for linking :).

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