Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{stockings} filler up!

I can't believe I keep seeing empty stockings. . . .  I don't have a mantle but there are still hanging stockings on the wall were wall art usually hangs.  I always have fake foliage in my stockings for that added decorated touch . . .  I think they look frumpy empty.

Here's my tree.  I know, it looks like a ton of 
ornaments threw up on it.  But I like it that way! LOL  
King is a little indifferent about it. We have presents now  . . .
I took this pic a few weeks ago.

I never leave out the guest bathroom when it comes
 to holiday decorating.  I am not sure if it is "appropriate" 
to have a stocking in the bathroom, 
but I like that way it looks,  kinda unexpected.


Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Looks gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Haley your house looks so pretty! The puppy is sewn on the bag. Thanks for the love on my purse! :)


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